What to Do if You See a Ghost | Moundsville Shadow Man Update | Digital Image Processing Error

October 2015

Halloween is a fun month for those who love the unknown. As a kid, I used to ‘come alive’ each October.

I hope you enjoy our informative ghostly topics, below!  – Louis

what-to-do-if-you-see-a-ghost-10-2015If You See a Ghost, Should You Panic?
Don’t fear…don’t fret.

We’d bet that most people will see something inexplicable at least once in their lives. So, what if it’s an encounter with a ghost? What if it is this Halloween?!

Never fear – we have just the quick tip guide for you!

What To Do If You See A Ghost

more-moundsville-shadow-man-proof-10-2015More Moundsville Shadow Man Proof…
Another photo surfaces…

We are sure you have seen the Polly Gear shadow man picture taken at the Moundsville Penitentiary.

Over the years, we have received and examined multiple Moundsville Shadow Man photos that substantiate her famous account. Here is another!

Moundsville Shadow Ghost Pic

digital-camera-image-processing-error-10-2015Ghost Hunters Take Note: Digital Image Capture Error
Is it only Apple iPhone cameras?

One advantage we have is that we are able to see lots of potentially paranormal photos from many different people using various devices.

But this same image processing error keeps surfacing, and we believe it is an Apple iPhone issue you should be aware of:

Digital Camera Image Capture Error

Halloween Fun! Ghost Photos, Stories and Articles

Rumpus Room Haunting
An Australian family’s ghost story…
Black Shadow Figure of a Man
Shade of someone who is following her?
Ghost Skeleton in TV?
We cannot explain it. Creepy, floating entity?
Insurance Adjuster Ghost Photo?
Just Halloween props in windows? You decide.
Pevensey Castle Blue Orb
An unexplained, blue ball of light…
Ghost Hiding Behind Lady?
Supposedly, no one was behind her. Hmm…
Ghosts and Small Children
Family account of haunting activity…yikes!

Camera Malfunctions or Ghosts?


Recently, we received a photograph that challenged us to try and determine how it was made. The photo in question had a ‘ghost hand’ rising up and out of the hand of a young woman.

We knew it wasn’t a ghost because it looked like it had been added to the image by photo-editing software such as Photoshop – but we were told it was an unaltered photograph. And we do not believe the ghostly hand was knowingly added even though it appeared similar to an animated hand. Heck, if you are going to try and fool somebody, at least make it look like a real hand, right?

Our next thought was that maybe somebody had used a smartphone app to add in the fake ghost in an attempt to fool the person who had sent it to us. Nope. Then, we asked if the person had a ghost hunting app on their mobile device because some of these apps are bad news and will automatically add fake anomalies into photos to fool the user into believing they captured something paranormal. No. Hmm…

The only thing left to deduce from this might be one of several camera malfunctions, something that faltered during the imaging process. And so, we explored and pondered; and we wrote this cool article: Digital Cameras: Errors, Not Ghosts. Give it a read, and see if you have seen any of these types of camera-induced ‘ghosts.’