Digital Camera Image Capture Error

An example of a digital camera image capture error that occurred while taking a photograph of a boat.

We are receiving a lot of similar-looking 'ghosts' found within digital camera photos that are some sort of error - they are not supernatural but anomalies that oddly occur during the image capture process. Michelle K. sent us this fine example, below. The duplication of a human hand can be found here: Digital Cameras: Errors Not Ghosts.

We have seen this effect occur with both animate and inanimate objects, and there is no definitive explanation that we have found, yet, as to what causes it.

The image capture errors we are seeing have been happening with smartphones. This one was taken with an Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Another series of photos we received from a different person had similar artifacts and came from an Apple iPhone 5c. So, perhaps, the ghosting is only occurring with Apple technology - we are not sure.

But we do know it is not paranormal.