‘Signs a House is Haunted’ PDF for Sharing

signs-your-house-might-be-haunted-1-2015caNew this year is our downloadable PDF of signs that your house could be haunted.

Know someone who thinks they might have a ghost? Odd things happening in your home, and you are wondering if it is haunted?

Simply download our ‘Signs a House Is Haunted’ PDF graphic and share!

All of this is part of our very popular How to Tell if You Have a Ghost section on Angels & Ghosts!

January 2015 Updates – Ghost Conferences, Psychic Predictions

ghosts-parallel-worlds-theory-2015-tttHappy 2015!

It’s a new year, and we are excited to see what it may hold in the way of ghosts, spirits and angels!

We plan on exploring more theories and past research this year while also searching for and considering experiments within the paranormal field. We will also continue to bring you compelling evidence of our spirited world. Stay tuned…

We’ve recently made updates to popular information sections of the Angels & Ghosts website.

  • Dates and times for ghost conferences in 2015 have been updated so you can find events near you to attend.
  • Predictions from psychics for 2015 have been listed for your enjoyment – we’ve been doing this for awhile and find it interesting to go back to previous years and see what might have come true.

New website postings for you to enjoy…articles, stories, photos and more!

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