Jesus in the Clouds Photo

Another exciting photo of Jesus floating in the clouds has been located...sent to us by Kathy K. Here is her story about the incredible image:

"I also have a picture of Jesus in the clouds. I was told that my grandmother and grandfather was on a airplane when the picture was taken by my grandfather. I also have the old camera that was used. The back, which is hard to see, is marked with the 'manufactured on kodak paper.'

I have no date which I am trying to track down through relatives. I do know that it was tested and they did authenticate it. I was told it was also taken to a Phil Donahue show. You can see the pin pricks in the photo. I'm not sure if everyone was on the same plane, but it would be nice to see if someone remembers what flight they were on from where to where."

Publisher's Note
We have received numerous photos of Jesus in the clouds over the years, and the stories are different. In many cases, the images are the same or similar, but there are some differences. We wonder if there were multiple photographers of the spirit sighting or if one person took multiple photos. 

Its popularity, possibly due to an appearance on a television show, seems to have spread the image across the country and into many people's hands. More about these photos can be learned at Christ Jesus Picture.