Lavardin Church Upside Down Spirit

Famous photograph of a spirit that appears to be flipped upside down has made some believe it was tumbling (if an entity at all)!

Ghost, spirit, camera artifact or something in the natural environment? Those are the thoughts about this spirit photo as to what we are glimpsing within it.

What we do know is that it is not a camera malfunction, such as light getting to the film, or light shining in the area from within the church.

Photographed in Vendome, France's St. Genest, Lavardin Pilgrimage Church in 1990 by Mr. Culley.

The anomaly only appeared in one shot the gentleman took that same day. It was not photographed through glass, and its see-through appearance would seem to rule out a moving object in front of the camera lens. This spirit photo, of course, was taken with a film camera.

When the whitish-mist is turned on its head, it quickly resembles a human form.