Church Rainbow Picture

Cherri B. took this stunning rainbow image inside of a newly built church. She references the photos of her when she was a child that had what she describes as a protective shield about her. These pictures can be found here on Angels & Ghosts: Faces With Mist Pictures

Here's an excerpt from the letter she wrote to the preacher of the church about the picture:

"I shared a story with Jan about my prayers for the Church during the building process, and God's sign to me that he heard my prayers; and that his presence was very abundant in the rooms being prepared for your congregation's worship. You see I truly believe that my God is alive and well and that he is always with me. I pray to him and he answers. Sometimes these answers come in something that I am pondering and the Sunday service touches upon it. His responses come through others coming to me with the very same issue that I am going through and we work through it together. Sometimes I hear it in a song; other times in a piece of literature, or just a deep internal feeling that everything is going to be okay. The strangest thing is that sometimes it actually shows up as a visible sign."

"When I was younger; a very strange thing was happening when I was taking pictures. Regardless of what age I was, or what camera was used (including school pictures), or where it was taken at, there was always a protective shield surrounding me. My mom would laugh and call it my guardian Angel. As I was older I captured a few pictures of something that a lot of people say looks like an Angel... I sent you copies of these - you decide. On the day that I was walking around the Church taking pictures and praying in gratitude for the blessing of being part of the team in putting together this beautiful church. I half-heartedly said in my prayers, 'Okay, God. Let me know that you are pleased with our work here. I am looking for a sign.' And I snapped the picture. I couldn't believe what I saw: a rainbow was in the picture! I don't know about you, but I have never seen a rainbow inside. There is no presence of water in the air, but there it was; this rainbow. On a more personal note, I have faced many challenges in my life and have realized that the power of prayer is amazing. I put full trust in my God. There are people in life that say, "Well, I have never had a burning bush experience." Well, in my life I have had forest fires. I live with a grateful heart and I have learned that the way to overcome obstacles is by activating my faith in God. I trust God to overcome the 'boulders' in my life and they are replaced by miracles."