Huguenot Caves Spirit

A 1986 photo taken within Les Caves Huguenots in Ardeche Region, France could show a spirit. But, we're not sure.

The religious people of France known as "Huguenots" were violently persecuted by their country. So, as one might expect, they hid from their enemies and these caves were used for that purpose.

The spirit photo on this page was taken by a Mrs. Keighly while attempting to photograph the cave's stalactites. She had requested to be alone, for photography purposes, and was certain no one was with her.


While we love the shape and glowing effect of the human form, possibly caped, the question remains about the hand.

It looks very flesh-like, to us, and appears to have a ring on it. That doesn't rule out the possibility of the light figure being a spirit entity, but we must wonder if something on the person caused light to reflect off of her (assuming she is a she).

The camera used was an inexpensive Kodak model that used disc film, and the photo it produced was thoroughly inspected and investigated by others. There was no foul play and few answers that might solve this puzzling, photographic phenomenon.

Did something in the photographer's grasp get too near the lens and reflect the light? Did the light possibly come from a stray flashlight carried by the photographer? Even if so, how could a human hand on the rail be there? Oy.

Truly, this spirit photograph remains a mystery.


Ghosts Caught on Film
by Dr. Melvyn Willin and published by David and Charles