Angel or Christ Apparition?

This spirit picture from Elaine Fontese reveals an apparition of a figure, many believing it to be Jesus Christ due to the out-stretched arms. Others believe this to be an angel bringing a message to someone, or perhaps, watching over the person.

"I am writing about the old photo on your site of Christ or an angel stepping out of a cloud that was taken from an airplane window. I am very familiar with this picture. In 1972, I worked at a photo lab in Fort Lauderdale which developed all the films for the SuperX Drugstore chain in the state of Florida. This was in a batch we received to develop, along with several others on the roll taken from an airplane window. Our photo printer was so shocked when she saw it (pictures were printed one at a time back then), that she called the entire staff in to look at it, and then printed an extra one for those of us who wanted it. I kept my copy for years and have looked for it many times, but it has been lost in moving. This is a legitimate picture - I saw the original with my own eyes!" - Elaine Fontes of Lehigh Acres, FL

This angel, spirit or Christ apparition picture has made more impact on the lives of people than any other picture we have posted. The mystery only begins, though.

Open the Flood Gates 
February 3, 2005, we received this letter from Kevin Schemenauer of Quesnel, British Columbia along with his photo of the Christ spirit. Apparently he owns one of the original photos of this apparition and writes:

"I was just checking out your site at and figured I'd scan you a photo that we've had since at least the early 1980's but by the looks of the type of photo paper it was developed on, I'd guess it was taken in the early 70's. It was given to us by my aunt who had received it from a friend, so I'm not sure of it's story. I remember hearing that it had been taken from an airplane here it is. You can post it on your site if you like."

More to the Story
Additional comments and examples of the Jesus (or apparition) photo began pouring into us:

"My name is Rick. I am originally from Tampa, FL. I saw the photo of Jesus standing on a cloud and read that it was taken from an airplane window. It also says that it was taken in the 70's. My friend (who is now dead) showed me this very photo back in 1977. He told me that his mother's friend had taken it from an airplane window during a storm. His mother's friend was curious about what would happen if she took a photo of the storm. The photo on the left, on your site, is EXACTLY like the photo that I saw. I held the photo in my hand and we went to my house. I showed it to my mother, who is very much into angels, and she was really fascinated by it. The other photo on your site, from Canada, is much different than the one that I saw. The one that I held, at about age 13 or 14, sent chills through me. It was a feeling that Jesus was real. That has actually followed me through life. I have never forgotten it."

We also received Jesus photos and an account about these images from Renee Taylor who also provided the back of her photo so we could see the notes:

"How did you get that pic of Jesus in the clouds??? My Grandma has a picture that my Great Grandma took on a plane. It is the exact same picture of Jesus in the clouds. If you want I can get the pic from my Grandma and email you the picture. I have chills all over. GOD IS REAL!!! And to see the same picture of what my Grandma has I really have chills. After my Great Grandma died, this picture was passed on to my grandma. One picture is the front and one picture is the back."

We have received so many variations of the story behind this photograph, we are not sure where, when, or by whom it was taken.

Vicki Roehrick of Kingman, Arizona sent us her rendition of this famous Christ photo for us to show:

"I was given this picture by a friend after the death of my mother, some 13 years ago. I was actually loaned the photo which was supposedly taken by her aunt at a family funeral. I'm not certain of the year, but believe it was several years prior to my coming in contact with it. This copy is not the best as it was scanned with the blown up copy I have in a frame." - Vicki

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