Christ - Jesus Picture & Story

Is This Picture of Christ? Is It of Jesus? Is It a Spirit? Could It Be an Angel?
For years, we have been cashing down the story of a remarkable spirit picture that many believe shows Christ or Jesus. Some believe it to be an angel, maybe. Whatever, or whoever, it is, what's intriguing is to us are the differences between images.

Even though the pictures of the Christ apparition are similar the stories that we receive about it vary. One thing is certain: Many have been impacted by this famous picture...especially believers in Christ Jesus.
Two Pages of Christ Pictures & Counting
As our investigation continued, we collected image after image along with various stories about the Christ Jesus apparition. Eventually, we ended up with two pages of photographs; but it didn't stop there. We now have two more photos of the man in the clouds along with more details about the photographs.
Pauline's Christ PhotographJesus Christ Picture?
Pauline of Greenville, Tennessee wrote us about the intriguing Christ picture, having stumbled upon it while surfing the web:
"I just 'happened' upon your website while checking out orbs, and ghosts and decided to try angels. When I saw the photo of Christ in the sky, I gasped. I have that photo. (I have it with a bunch of other photos that are of weird nature and just have to find them. I believe something is hand written by her on the back?) There is more information about the photo and even a couple the woman who took the picture didn't know."
Pauline's Jesus Christ Picture is at right. View it larger and read Pauline's additional thoughts about it: Jesus Christ Picture
Christ Jesus PhotographBarton's Christ Photo
Brian Barton wrote us about this interesting spirit picture after running across on Angels & Ghosts:
"I'm looking at a photo on your site that looks a lot like mine. It looks like it had been to the photography store and redone...not sure."
Brian's copy of the Christ apparition photograph is at left. View it larger and read some additional notes from Brian about it: Christ Jesus Photograph

Christ Jesus Picture - Two Pages of Stories and Photographs
For the rest of the story, we thought we would share the pages we have collected on this story. Study the various images of this 'Christ in the Clouds' and read the testimonials about the origins of the picture, as well as what people see within it.
Is it an authentic picture of Christ? Is it a photo of Jesus? You decide...
Angel or Christ Apparition PictureLeft:
Photo owned by Kevin Schemenauer of British Columbia.
Read the stories and study more images of Christ Jesus at: Angel or Christ Apparition Picture
Christ picture owned by Christopher of Edgewood, NM. 

If you can give us more to this story, or if you have another photo not found on these pages, please write us and send the photo using our submissions page.
We hope to continue digging into this mysterious photo and learning about how it has inspired so many people.

2014 Update: We received another version of the Christ Jesus photo: 3D Jesus in the Sky Picture.