Mt. Shasta Spirit Beings

Karl sent us this wonderful picture of what looks like spirit beings with them on Mount Shasta at their gathering. Photographic effect or spirits with them? You decide:


"I have viewed many pics of angels and spirits. The photo attached will stand as the clearest, sharpest, most powerful picture yet of any spirit beings to be photographed. This was taken on Mount Shasta in the summer of 2004. There were many very high beings present at the time." 


Most people are unaware of the presence of spirit beings around them.  Yet, wherever we go, we are in spirit and spirits are with us.  They communicate with us through thoughts.  Have you ever wondered where some of our thoughts and ideas might come from?  Do they always originate from within our own minds, or could some thoughts be from others who guide us?  If spirit beings were to try and communicate with us, might it be through not only our thoughts but through coincidences, dreams, and visions? I guess we're saying, "Maintain an open mind."