3D Jesus in Sky Photo

We received another version of the Jesus in the clouds photograph, and this time, it has a 3D quality to it. We are not sure if when it was photographed in a picture frame if the glass reflected part of the room or what happened. Story and photos are below. Thanks to Monica Bliss Ockwig-Moss for sharing it!


I happened to Google 'Jesus in the clouds picture' for any information on the picture that was given to me by my mum as a Christmas gift. It had been on her wall for sometime, and I always admired it. That is how I came across your sight, and others who also have this picture. It is no matter to me if it is from an airplane or not.

On Christmas of 2013, I took a picture of the wall hanging picture with my cell phone, wishing to share with everyone what had been captured from the still picture of the photo of Jesus in the clouds.

Please do authenticate it if you like. My husband and I are at a loss as to how Jesus is 3D. The picture shows the doorway frame in the upper right hand corner in orientation.

I have included the picture on our wall and the picture on my camera taken 12/25/2013 @ 9:46pm. In numerology, the picture comes out as the 33 - the Christ number...wow!"