Grandma Spirit Being Picture

Patti Earp sent us this photograph of a spirit presence captured by video camera! Nice comments about her photo may be sent directly to Patti at:
A spirit mist seems to cover the photograph. Was this from a spirit being, maybe grandma?
"The photo that I am sending was actually taken as a video clip with a Kodak Easy Share digital camera/recorder. When I loaded the clip onto my computer, it loaded as a picture only, with this cloudy looking mist, which was not in the video when I reviewed it before loading. The young man in the picture is my son, Steve, with his dog Juana. They used to live with his grandparents (my parents). Although my mother had four other grandsons, Steve was special to her due to having had two open heart surgical procedures - one at 18 yrs. and one at 22 yrs. My mother just passed away on January 16, 2008. She was cremated and the urn containing her ashes was brought to my home, where they still remain waiting for burial."

"This picture was taken in the same room where my mother's urn sits in a special place upon an antique chest. This was also the first picture taken in the house since bringing her ashes home. Could this be the spirit of my mother watching over her cherished grandson? I like to think so."