Cheyenne Spirit Guide

The more we study this picture of light behind the women on a sofa, the more we are smitten with the idea that this could be paranormal. Is it proof that a spirit guide is with them?

Here's the story behind the possible photo of a Native American spirit guide:

"I also have another photo (besides this one) taken at a different angle that still shows a 'being of light' behind me...its arms are outstretched, clearly showing it's fingers on both my shoulders. You can see each finger the more you zoom in!" - WEZ

"The strange thing about this is that it was noticed that it looks like I inadvertantly had moved my head to one side to allow 'the being' its 'camera time,' too! ha! :)

Behind us was the window/window sill and no way was anyone even able to be behind us! I have been told many, many years ago that apparently I have a Native American Indian guide who is a Cheyenne. Maybe, this could explain the long hair? The other photo is taken at a different angle (from the side). These photos were taken in September 2007." - WEZ


We are intrigued by the fact the photo was taken without flash and at a normal speed (not a lengthened exposure). If there was not a light behind the lady in the middle, there is no way we can explain the bright light except that it is beyond what is considered normal, explainable. And did we mention that this same, mysterious light showed up in two photos?