Baby Spirit Photo?

An examination of disturbances along with a photo, possibly of a spirit, above the face of a baby...

"Hello. For many days, I've have heard noises coming from the radiator. It sounds like someone just took a big rock and slammed it on it. Plus, the TV just randomly gets louder and lower and shuts off time to time.

One time, when I took a picture of my baby and my friend's baby playing, I caught some kind of ghost face hovering over my baby's head. - Elias"

"Once, when I was fixing myself in the mirror, a painting I had on the wall (that was really hanging safely) fell down to the floor. It was a picture of my grandma and my family; my grandma had passed away - so maybe it's her. I dont know."


We haven't a clue as to what caused this photographic anomaly, whether it be a ghost, spirit or something normal such as a camera artifact. 

The disturbances Eilias described could have natural explanations, or they could also show a pattern of ghost or spirit behavior - something that occurs when entities want to gain our attention. In such cases, we always suggest to continue to be aware and note strange noises or aberrant disturbances, investigating each one as they happen to try and ascertain if someone unseen is truly attempting to communicate. If it is believed that real spirit communication is in process, then, it will be time to acknowledge the disembodied soul to let them know you are aware of their visitation.

Elias could be right: Grandma could be enjoying some time with her grandchild and family.