Spirit Guides Picture

Lydia of Leeds sent us this picture and wonders if it is of angels or spirit guides...

"After sending in the pic of the 'glass angel,' I have been going through my recent pics taken with my digital camera. They were taken at LA BOWL in Leeds, and my daughter and her friend are on the dodgems. The first pic is dark, so I lightened it...if you look at the two colour reflections on the left, I can clearly see two bodies like alien shapes, and definitely a clear face on the left body...and another not so clear. The right hand body or shape looks like its arm is pointing toward the kids. It was completely black, apart from the lights flashing when I was trying to take pictures of them. I couldn't really see the kids at all...could it be spirit guides, angel faces or aliens? Who knows..."

Note: The small image is a close-up that is lightened so you can better view the two figures.