Jesus Christ Picture

Another photo of the Jesus Christ apparition surfaces...

"I sent you information I have on the photo of Christ in the sky that you have posted on your site (Angel or Christ Apparition Picture). The man from Tampa was correct with what he said, as I was living in St. Petersburg, Florida (across the bridge from him) at that time and have a photo of the same thing. I have more information, though, that no one has mentioned.

One woman mentioned there being a 'lamb' at the waist of the gown and a manger scene on the lower part of the gown. I've zeroed in on these as separate photos so you can see this better; and then you will see it on the regular photo. The thing she did not mention that I found is that there is the word 'JOY' under the hand on the right side. (Turn it upside down to see it.) Besides this, at the actual bottom (now the top in the cropped photo), you will see the 'Last Supper.'" - Pauline of Greenville, TN

Note - Look at this Christ Jesus photograph flipped upside down and the cropped view to see other images contained in the picture:

"This is the photo turned upside down. Notice the word JOY under the sleeve and the Last Supper on top. I also cropped the photo so you can see the lamb better. The gown has a manger scene, and I think the Crucifixion; but I can't remember. I can sort of see that, though."

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