All Souls' Day Spirit Picture?

A picture of what may be a spirit makes its presence known on All Souls' Day. Photo taken in the Philippines and sent to us by Robert...

"This picture was taken by a phone camera last Nov. 2, 2014 on All Souls Day - located in Minglanilla Cebu, Philippines. Can you explain the smoke in the picture?"

Our Thoughts About the Spirited Mist
While a mist like this can be produced by airborne water vapor or smoke, this photograph is compelling due to its shape and proximity to the people. We do not believe it to be caused by cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoke; and it does not appear to be fog. Does the swooping form reveal the presence of a visiting ghost, angel, or spirit? Is it the soul of a family member? We do not know.

All Souls' Day
We find it interesting that this photo was taken on All Souls' Day which is a day of prayer for the dead, something respected by many different types of Christians around the world. All Souls' Day (November 2nd) follows All Saints' Day  (also known as All Hallows, falling on November 1st), both of which follow All Hallows' Eve (or Halloween, as we know it, October 31st). The practice of honoring the dead is a tradition that can be traced back to many different religions around the world.