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August 2015

Are people who claim to have had a ghost sighting different from those who have not? What does the research show?

We thought this short article (along with some curious spirit photos) might interest you.   – Louis

what-type-of-people-see-ghosts-3-2015zzCharacteristics of People Who See Ghosts?
Is it possible that people who have seen a ghost have something in common?

A University of Cambridge paper on ‘supernatural agency experiences’ may have found a link. Is it right, though?

What Type of People See Ghosts?

apparition-photo-from-a-haunting-2015zzCan This Apparition Pic Be Real?
Ever see a ghost or angel photo that appears too good to be true? We see them all the time. Many are faked.

After analyzing this photo with software, we believe the form to be original. Is it a ghost?

Apparition Photo from a Haunting

angel-holding-baby-picture-8-2015zzPhotographic Proof of Angels With Us?
Many of us would like to think that angelic beings are with us all the time.

So, wouldn’t it be fantastic to know they were? Is this photograph proof of angels?

Angel Holding a Baby?

Possible evidence of the spirit world…

Karacsond Church Madonna Photo
Brightly lit human form at the front altar…
Huguenot Caves Spirit
Lighted form and human hand appear in frame.
River Dee Headless Torso
Old picture possible shows a man with a noggin’!
Stanley Hotel Ghost Tour Picture
Scary Mary has a glow in front and back of her.
Minnie Harrison Ectoplasm Photos
Old-time fooling of spectators it would seem…
Table Ghost Head Photograph
Famous ghost photo shows a large woman’s head.

Ghost Photos, Shadow Man & Story of Haunted Dolls

Angels & Ghosts News!
April 2013
April has been an incredible month, and we are excited to bring you some fantastic stories and ghost photos.

One ghost picture that we recently received, in particular, further confirms a ghostly encounter we have been chasing for over 7 years: the Moundsville Shadow Man. You need to see this awesome collection of photos and their stories. – Louis

The Moundsville Shadow Man Photos
Compare the 3 Shadow Man Ghost Photos! Moundsville Shadow Ghost: Taken in the Psyche Ward
Many years ago, we learned of the West Virginia Pen’s most famous ghost picture, the Shadow Man, and just had to investigate the story behind the photo – onsite. Not only did we come away convinced that Polly Gear’s photograph is authentic, but we’ve received 2 other photos, since our original investigation, that validate the shadow man sighting!

More Ghost Photos
Ghost in PicturesHoly smokes – we have some ghost photos that will astound. See our most recent ghost pictures: Ghost in Pictures

Also view ghosts photographed using our ghost hunting cameras: Full Spectrum Ghost Pictures.

Also view these hot real ghost photo pages:

True Haunted Doll Story

Haunted Doll StoryThis month’s true ghost story comes from Portugal. You might have heard of people wanting to own a haunted doll, but we suggest reading this account before doing so: Haunted Doll Story

Learn more? Visit our Haunted Dolls section!

Ghost Ships: Tales of Haunting at SeaWant More? How About Ghost Ships?
Haunting can happen anywhere, we have found, and the sea holds its share of ghastly tales.

See photos and read stories of Ghost Ships.

New Ghost Photos, Ghosts & Baby Monitors, Best Times to Ghost Hunt…

Angels & Ghosts News
December 2012

Happy Holidays!

I trust you will be having special times with family and friends this time of year, including those in spirit who celebrate with you unseen. May we inspire you to know more about the mysteries of life this coming year…  – Louis Charles

Are People Hearing Ghosts in Baby Monitors?

Over the years, it has been a consistent theme: people reporting voices coming from the rooms of their infants. Are they ghosts?
Baby Monitors & Ghosts

We take a closer look at the phenomenon this month. Read Baby Monitor & Ghosts.

Real Ghost Photographs…

Real Ghost PicturesFor December, we brush up on Bugsy Siegel and wonder if he could possibly haunt the hotel he once owned. After all, his ghost has been spotted by dozens of people over the years. We also examine a photo of a possible ghost in front of a burial mound and a pic of a grandmother who appears in spirit with mourners having a vigil! Check out our Real Ghost Pictures

Revamped Sections of the Angels & Ghosts Website!

We’ve been updating sections of our website, Angels & Ghosts, and have updated the Best Times for Ghost Hunting page. Check it out!

Want to ghost hunt from your computer? Why not watch a haunted location from the comfort of your home? We updated our list of haunted web cams from around the Internet. They are showing live footage of houses, buildings and more that reportedly have ghost activity. You just might catch a ghost! Visit Ghost Web Cams

New Ghost Hunting Products

More products have been added to our store and more are coming later this month! Visit the…Angels & Ghosts Store

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author
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Angels & Ghosts Ghost Hunting Store

Spooky Ghost Photos, Ghost Shadows…

October 2012

Our favorite month is here, and we have been hard at work upgrading Angels & Ghosts. We’ve launched our new homepage, our new ghost hunting store and will soon be redesigning the interior category pages of our website. By the end of the year, our mobile site will also be live. Enjoy a better experience and a better look! – Louis Charles

Shadow People…


Ghost shadows story…

From time to time, we like to dispel common misconceptions about ghosts, spirits and haunting. Recently, we received a fantastic account of interaction with ghost shadows (aka shadow ghosts, shadow people, dark shadows, hat people, etc) from Gabriel.

Read Ghost Shadows and learn more…

Ghost Pictures…


A ghost sits beside this woman…

Enjoy this month’s page of ghost pictures.

We have unique submissions and some old classics for your ghost study.

Check out our Spooky Ghost Photos

New Homepage!


Our old Angels & Ghosts homepage is a thing of the past as we welcome our new look!

The new homepage features banners, images, and nicely organized drop-down menu.

Take a look at Angels & Ghosts


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The Ghost Box on TV, Ghost Photos & a Gnome?


Ghost Pics & the Ghost Box on Television

Louis Charles

June 2012

Summer is here! We’ve been busy with some timely maintenance on the Angels & Ghosts website, so you might say it’s been a bit different month for us. Stay tuned…our plan is to continue to share compelling photos, interesting stories and experimental technology – all centered around ghosts and spirits.

Have a great month and enjoy the following article and spirited photographs…

The Ghost Box is Being Used More & More on TV

Read on…

Last month, I offered you a free audio download of ghost and spirit voices I had recorded. I captured them through use of a ghost box. In the paranormal community as a whole, the ghost box has been gaining acceptance by those who have kept an open mind. Don’t get me wrong; there are those who refuse to even consider that it could possibly work. Unfortunately, most of those who oppose ghost box use have been on paranormal TV shows. But recently, we’ve noticed the ghost box being used more and more during ghost investigations on television. Read: TV Shows & The Ghost Box

Ghost Pictures & a Gnome Captured?

Ghost in Savannah?

Wow – is that a man in the bushes, behind the bushes or a ghost that manifested in one of the creepiest cemeteries in the United States?

This summer, we take a look at a possible ghost picture snapped last summer. This coming fall, we’ll be going to the exact spot to see what we can “figure” out.

But for now, check-out the Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost Picture

Remodeling Mist?

Many ghost investigators know that construction and remodeling can stir up ghost activity. Perhaps, people can be creatures of comfort and prefer things to remain just as they are. Well, construction and remodeling just might mess up their world. Could this be what is happening in this Construction Mist Picture?

Is that a girl on the landing?

Recently, Hatley Castle in British Columbia popped into the Canadian news. Reportedly haunted for years, a ghost picture has now been captured of what many believe to be a girl or woman, standing on the stairs landing. At least some believe it is a ghost in the photograph. Do you?

Examine the Hatley Castle Ghost Picture

Gnome-looking man…

We know. We know. What is a Gnome Picture doing with our ghost pictures? Quite frankly, we were too enamored by it to not include it in this month’s ghost and spirit photos. After all, we don’t really know what it is. Do you? Is it a ghost, spirit or just a trick of the eye?

Take a close look at the Gnome Picture

Get the book on Amazon!

Best journeys,

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False Ghost Pictures: Taking Pictures Through Glass

When reviewing ghost pictures, we often receive images that have been taken through glass such as a window panes, door glass, etc. This can make it more difficult to see if there is actually a ghostly apparition within the photo. Many times, people visit museums and take photos of exhibits encased in glass and are surprise to see “ghosts” appearing in the frame.

The most common type of non-ghost we see when shooting pictures through glass is usually a human form of someone who was in the room with the photographer – a mere reflection of either their body or shadow. Often, the photographer’s own reflection of a body part will be mistaken for an entity. It’s also important to know that smudges, dirt and fingerprints on glass will illuminate with light of the camera’s flash and look ethereal and see through. The issue with glass reflections, of course, is that the everything reflected is transparent – see through.

If at all possible, try not to take photographs through glass while ghost investigating. If you have to do so, then work to explain anomalies by first considering natural reflection effects. Try and account for everyone who was in the room (and especially where they were at when the photo was recorded), and do not be afraid to attempt to duplicate the effect to either validate or disprove it.

Source: False Ghost Pictures: Glass Reflection