WHO Sees Ghosts? | Curious Spirit Photos…

August 2015

Are people who claim to have had a ghost sighting different from those who have not? What does the research show?

We thought this short article (along with some curious spirit photos) might interest you.   – Louis

what-type-of-people-see-ghosts-3-2015zzCharacteristics of People Who See Ghosts?
Is it possible that people who have seen a ghost have something in common?

A University of Cambridge paper on ‘supernatural agency experiences’ may have found a link. Is it right, though?

What Type of People See Ghosts?

apparition-photo-from-a-haunting-2015zzCan This Apparition Pic Be Real?
Ever see a ghost or angel photo that appears too good to be true? We see them all the time. Many are faked.

After analyzing this photo with software, we believe the form to be original. Is it a ghost?

Apparition Photo from a Haunting

angel-holding-baby-picture-8-2015zzPhotographic Proof of Angels With Us?
Many of us would like to think that angelic beings are with us all the time.

So, wouldn’t it be fantastic to know they were? Is this photograph proof of angels?

Angel Holding a Baby?

Possible evidence of the spirit world…

Karacsond Church Madonna Photo
Brightly lit human form at the front altar…
Huguenot Caves Spirit
Lighted form and human hand appear in frame.
River Dee Headless Torso
Old picture possible shows a man with a noggin’!
Stanley Hotel Ghost Tour Picture
Scary Mary has a glow in front and back of her.
Minnie Harrison Ectoplasm Photos
Old-time fooling of spectators it would seem…
Table Ghost Head Photograph
Famous ghost photo shows a large woman’s head.

Psychic Reading By Tarot Cards, Horses & Ghost Pictures Library!

This summer, my family and I are taking a short vacation at Ocean City, Maryland. Its a crazy place, I’ve found out, with beach combers, sun lovers, boardwalk explorers and the like. I would call it a fun place to take the kids. While here, we also plan on visiting Assateague Island, a barrier island, that has wild horses living on it since the 16oos.

While on vacation, I was also able to finally complete the newly organized Ghost Pictures Library that is cleaned up, organized and categorized to make it much easier to find some of the best ghost photos from within the thousands of photograph pages, different examples of ghost manifestations, famous, real, false pics, and even a few fakes. I really wanted it to be a resource for learning and exploration for everyone – hope you like it.

Yesterday morning, I was asked to visit a psychic with my wife. I obliged – it was very interesting.

I must admit that I was pleasantly enlightened by the accuracy (as far as him describing my wife and our lives fairly accurately) of the fortune teller. Be sure and read about our tarot card reading experience. I think you might like it. – Louis