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The Tarot Card Reading
A Surprise Encounter in Ocean City, Maryland

I thought this story might make a nice example of what one might expect during a tarot card reading.

The story begins with three of us, one early, summer morning, on the boardwalk of Ocean City, MD. If you've never been there, the wooden planked sidewalk runs parallel to the ocean and is strewn with shops, restaurants, bars, amusements, rides, street performers, and more.
The night before, we had spent some time there and had passed by eye-catching signs that heralded a psychic reader offering services. At that time, I would never have guessed that I would end up inside the psychic shop the next day.
I Had Reservations but We Walked Right In
I had reservations about walking inside the tiny house that was decorated in signs and neon that said “Tarot Card Reader,” etc. Let's just say that my wife had to talk me into doing this. But, it was early in the morning, and I had my morning coffee in hand; I was up for exploring something I wouldn't normally do. It was, after all, vacation – so, I decided to make it fun. “Why not?” I thought to myself.

Upon entering, I was greeted by a middle-aged man who works with his mother prognosticating for cash. After we entered a curtained booth, he explained some of the different services that were available. I recall that a palm reading was only $10.
An ESP reading was $15; but, a Tarot Card reading was a bit more: $25. I guessed my wife would prefer to gamble on the $10 palm forecast, but she surprised my by opting for what we were told was the best reading to have – it cost me $25 plus an optional $5 tip.

The dark-haired man began by drawing and flipping a Tarot card over from the deck. Speaking forth what he saw, he subsequently flipped over another card and continued to state what he could see in each of the tarot cards, one by one, over and over. We watched as he neatly laid the cards out on top of one another in a square-like pattern. At the same time, he would also question my wife, based upon the cards, either before or after he said what was on the top of his mind. The experience was quite interesting, and I admit I was entertained by the excitement that came with each card that he turned over. I also found humor in my wife trying to be coy. You see, she didn't want to provide him too much information so as to tip him off about her or me.
The Tarot Card Reading: What We Found Out
The psychic began speaking directly about her life. The seer accurately described her personality as helpful, compassionate, but fiery – she can get angry but is also quick to forgive. I found myself sitting there, saying, “Yep, that's my wife.” He stated that my wife was married and had children (no shocker there), and in her career, she manages others and things, and that she will have a long life (82+ years). I also heard him tell her that she has had two loves in her life with one of them being early on.

He asked if she also owns a business (she finally agreed with him that she does, and that is true).
We were told that the business will have improved financial success in the near future and that we will travel a lot (something we both plan on doing in a few years).

From that point on, the clairvoyant began uttering forth tidbits about our children. I found this very fitting because my wife is very, very focused on our three children whom are 15-22 years in age. They are the prize of her life (and mine, too), but this is where her heart is consumed. We learned that our oldest son will marry his girlfriend and live near home. Our son wants to move out west, so we shall see how that prediction works out. We've often said that we doubt any of our children will stay in our native Ohio.

Our middle son was said to be traveling in the future (he does want to study abroad, while in college, in the next year, I suppose), away from us, and will have a career either in the military or law enforcement. (Alright. This might be a stretch on our part, but our middle son is wanting to be a wildlife biologist of some sort. But, we see him working for the government sector as a forest ranger, perhaps?) Our youngest, a daughter, he said, will go away to college; then, she will marry and live far away from us. Well, I guess travel will be in our future, then. There is no way my wife and I will not see our offspring!

What Did the Tarot Card Reading Tell Us?
If I could sum it up in one word, it would be “confirmation.” It seems whenever I have been with a psychic, what I am told is more confirmation of something I know deep within myself. Maybe, that's why they are so popular – people are receiving either what they want to hear or what they already know within their core being.

Sometimes, life holds little surprises, and we were pleasantly surprised with the Tarot Card reading - even if some of the predictions and confirmations were not really surprises at all.

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