Can Ghosts Travel? What Is the Cost?

Paranormal investigation has been a tour de force, growing in popularity through television shows, movies, radio programs and ghost tours springing up across the world. Today, it is so easy for people who are interested in ghosts and spirits to find a way to explore their yearnings. But with all the opportunity comes something that many who want to indulge in spirited activities might not consider: bringing home ghosts. And the idea of a specter following someone home from a ghost hunt is something incomprehensible for most; after all, ghosts, we have learned from movies and books, are mysterious entities that live in haunted houses and graveyards.

Of course, I was being facetious – ghosts are people…people who still differ from one another. And, that means their personalities, likes, dislikes, emotions, and most importantly, their behaviors are all unique. So, think about this: if all ghosts differ from one another, wouldn’t their behaviors also vary? Would all ghosts have to follow the same rules as to where they live, where they travel and what their motives might be? The answer, surprisingly, is “no.”

Ghost Lady

With everything one undertakes in life, it is important to “weigh the costs”; and this is true with ghost investigation, too. Most ghosts are not troublesome when dealt with, but it is possible to come across a troubled soul that is more than one has bargained for – and that possibility needs to be considered. What if a ghost with bad intentions follows you home? Perhaps, you are willing to take the chance, and we get that. Most ghost investigators do, knowingly, take the chance. But what if you have children at home who are vulnerable, unable to remain fearless if confronted by a dark spirit? Weigh the costs, please, before embarking on a paranormal encounter. We teach people not to succumb to fear and promote the exploration of the unknown. But, ghost hunters need to account for others in their lives who may be brought into something they are not, yet, ready to handle.

This month, we shared a neat story about a haunted house that was recently moved, and people are wondering if the ghosts will remain with the home. That remains to be seen. But, know that ghosts do move; and they just might like your home better than the place you found them residing…