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November 2015

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military-man-crossing-street-angel-story-9-2015zzMysterious Military Man: Angel?
When we see others, do we label them, assuming we know who they are, what they feel, what they may be thinking?

Do our misconceptions prohibit us from truly seeing a much larger world? How vast is your perception?

Military Man Angel Story

ghost-airplane-story-9-2015zzPhantom Plane in the Skies…
How do you explain this one? We are left with more questions than answers!

A disappearing plane is seen over the skies of Bolivia. Lisa shares her encounter and wonders if it may be other worldly.

Ghost Airplaine Story

shadow-person-with-boy-by-car-112015Boy and Shadow Figure…
Ernesto wrote us about some odd things happening with his young nephew.

The photo he shared of a shadow in front of the boy’s school and subsequent answers to our questions are compelling.

Is this photo proof of a true encounter with spirit? Could the ghost be a family member?

Shadow Person by Car with Boy

Ghosts in Hollywood?

Motion Picture MagazineRecently, we ran into an old, old ghost story from the 1920s – published in a magazine about early cinema and its stars. It was a gem of a tale, for sure; but, this ghost story amazed us. It was especially significant because the account really showed similar beliefs with those who ghost investigate, today.

There were two pilots in the story who had crashed, separately. Both pilots gave their reasons for visiting the same actress after their deaths. Also, a picture of how the “Great Beyond” may work was also given. Even the fact that an Ouija board was used to make contact was interesting – of course, this was during the time when spiritualism was very popular.

Read Hollywood Ghost Stories and see what you take away from the haunting that perplexed cinema actress (and paranormal witness), Betty Compson.

Angels & Ghosts News! October 2011

October 2011 – Ghosts, Book Updates & More!

Happy October!

Before I share about new stuff on, I would like to provide an exciting update for both of my books. Currently, Jesus Religion is undergoing a complete rewrite and will become available in a revised edition by the end of this year. My second book, Helping Ghosts is having what I’ll call a “field guide” written for those who work to solve cases of haunting. After receiving a request for this information to be condensed into a format for practical use by clergy and paranormal investigators, I agreed to begin putting a guide book together. Stay tuned – I’m hoping this will publish by the end of 2011, too!


Fun Halloween Page!

Learn how to make this creepy talking head ghost prop!

Enjoy our Halloween page with links to various Halloween ghost pictures, props, and other goodies for fun!

Featured this year is our talking head ghost prop. We’ll show you what you need to pull off this spooky effect for Halloween. Similar effects are found within Disney theme parks’ Haunted Mansions!

Visit our Halloween page.


Spirit Help From Beyond

Are people with us in spirit more than we know?

We explore evidence that others are with us in the invisible – helping and communicating. Do we perceive them? Can we be aware of their presence?

Read: Spirit Help From Beyond


Spontaneous Combustion Ghost Story

Is there a connection between ghosts and cases of spontaneous combustion? We’re not sure but we take a look at one such case that is baffling. A fire of intense heat took place beside this man’s bed one night, coating the room in soot and ash – some of it oily. Orbs were seen prior; could there be a connection?

Read: Spontaneous Combustion & Ghosts


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