Angel & Spirit Encounters

November 2015

Inspiration. Education. There is more beyond what our eyes may see.

Enjoy some unique stories of unexpected experiences with spirits… – Louis

military-man-crossing-street-angel-story-9-2015zzMysterious Military Man: Angel?
When we see others, do we label them, assuming we know who they are, what they feel, what they may be thinking?

Do our misconceptions prohibit us from truly seeing a much larger world? How vast is your perception?

Military Man Angel Story

ghost-airplane-story-9-2015zzPhantom Plane in the Skies…
How do you explain this one? We are left with more questions than answers!

A disappearing plane is seen over the skies of Bolivia. Lisa shares her encounter and wonders if it may be other worldly.

Ghost Airplaine Story

shadow-person-with-boy-by-car-112015Boy and Shadow Figure…
Ernesto wrote us about some odd things happening with his young nephew.

The photo he shared of a shadow in front of the boy’s school and subsequent answers to our questions are compelling.

Is this photo proof of a true encounter with spirit? Could the ghost be a family member?

Shadow Person by Car with Boy