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Where To Buy A Ghost Box & Infrared Camera

Posted by Administrator on October 19, 2010

Latest Ghost Hunting Equipment Updates!

The following is the latest updates about some of the items we currently have available at the Fringe Technology Ghost Hunting Store.

Inexpensive Ghost Hunting Cameras See in the Dark!

Flip Screen IR-Converted Ghost Hunting Camera

The above model is our latest available Infrared conversion of a 10.1 megapixel digital camera for ghost investigation. What’s cool is that with IR lighting, you can actually use the “flip screen” to either shoot video or photos of what’s happening behind you! Ever have a ghost follow you? Now you can monitor and possibly capture images of it!

Why a Ghost Hunting Camera?

All of our ghost hunting cameras have an expanded range, being able to see into the Near Infrared and are considered to be “Full Spectrum.” By our definition, this means the eye of the camera has a potential range of 330nm (UV) up to 1200nm (IR). The visible spectrum of human eyesight ranges from about 380nm – 750nm. So you can see how these cameras can have a better chance of capturing paranormal phenomena when compared to typical stock cameras (which are filtered to see only the visible spectrum). In addition, the cameras can see in darkness when you cannot (if Infrared lighting is used: IR flashlight, IR illuminator, or an incandescent blacklight bulb). This means the annoying flash unit can be disengaged, virtually eliminating false anomalies such as dust orbs, flash reflection, etc. We have available camera conversions that fit in everyone’s price range from 5.1 to 10.1 megapixel models!

Are People Capturing Ghosts with the IR-Converted Cameras?

We’ll allow you to decide that for yourself. Below are three examples of different anomalies captured with our cameras: A shadow ghost, an apparition, and an energy anomaly.

Shadow figure in human form is captured in a theater booth by Dayna Hodgson of the UK with a 5.1 mp model that was converted to see in the dark.

An apparition of a human face is seen when lightened. Ghost captured by Dayna Hodgson of the UK with an UV-Vis-IR converted 5.1 mp camera.

Dale Lute of SIGHT of Ohio captured this energy on the steps inside of Mansfield Reformatory using our 8.1 mp UV-Vis-IR conversion model.

Ghost boxes range in price dependent upon availability and conversion time.

Ghost Box Radios

We try and keep a couple ghost box sweeping radios in stock for people who wish to experiment with ghost communication. The devices sweep either the AM or FM bands, producing white noise and radio snippets. The mish mash of noise helps bring the voices of ghosts and spirits through audibly or on a recorder. It is truly a way to increase the frequency of EVP capture!

At left is a hard-to-find original “Radio Shack Hack” model we currently have available.

For more information, visit the Fringe Technology Ghost Hunting Store!

Have a great month!

Louis Charles, Publisher

Angels & Ghosts


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Infrared Camera for Ghost Hunting – “Flip Screen”

Posted by Administrator on October 15, 2010

Ghost Hunting Camera - IR Converted Flip Screen!
New 10.1 megapixel (Silver) Vivitar X018 iTwist FULL SPECTRUM ghost hunting camera conversion with lots of features, including a flip screen! Ever have a ghost follow you and wish you could watch behind you? Flip out the screen and watch while shooting video or taking pictures of what lies in back of you! As long as you have Infrared lighting, this camera will see in the darkness. This Infrared conversion camera for photographing ghosts is fantastic!

This “full spectrum” ghost hunting camera and other models are available at the Fringe Technology Store.