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Unseen Family Are With Us in Spirit

Posted by Administrator on December 23, 2013

Loved Ones Are With You – Change Your Beliefs
During the holidays, many people become saddened by memories of family and friends who have passed before them. It can be a very somber time if we lock our minds into the idea of loss, grief and separation from people we love.

At Angels & Ghosts, we encourage readers that our loved ones are indeed with us. Just because you do not see them or hear them does not mean that death has to be an impenetrable wall, separating us from those whom we cherish. Instead, this time of year, begin by changing your thinking – believe that family and friends are with us in spirit. Imagine them taking part in the festivities and not missing out on the events in our lives.

We could talk at length about scriptures in the Bible, even words that Jesus had purportedly uttered, that reveal that people are not dead when their bodies expire; that humanity is much bigger than meets the eye.  In fact, Jesus, we read, refused to call anyone “dead” who had physically passed. He said they were “sleeping.” And if we look into the epistles, this scripture is very encouraging:

“We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.” - Hebrews 12:1

And that verse mirrors what we have found in the evidence we have been collecting for 10 years: All of us are surrounded by people in spirit! We become more and more convinced of this each year, remaining awed by the different ways spirits make their presence known to us.

Nicolas McCabe Makes His Presence Known to Family
Nic McCabe died in a tornado that destroyed an elementary school in Oklahoma. Because his family was suffering the loss of their son, we believe Nic has been remaining with them to watch over their lives and bring comfort – he’s worried about them. (And, who wouldn’t worry about loved ones who are grieving?) Unwittingly, his essence was photographed, proving to family, who had suspected he was there by their sides, that he was indeed HERE – not some place far away; but he is with them here, now. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the photo “Family Spirits With Us.”

To some religious institutions, that may seem impossible. But remember that it is possible that some religious beliefs are incorrect – especially those that are based upon fear and separation. (And some religious ideas are flat out wrong. They have to be; otherwise, there wouldn’t be differing beliefs. I mean someone has got to be wrong!)

We have found that there is no separation except for the person who chooses to believe in it. But, deny the idea of all of humanity being separate, and your view of the world will begin to change.

Happy Holidays,


Holidays & a Rise in Haunting?

Posted by Administrator on December 18, 2011

Over the past two weeks, I’m having more and more people contact me with what I shall call “ghost problems.” Some are being pestered while others are simply seeing ghost activity elevate within their homes or around their children. Descriptions of haunting, recently, have included seeing shadow ghosts, hearing voices and the manipulation of the physical environment in some way (e.g. moving or missing objects, bangings, etc).

I’m wondering if during the holiday season there might be a rise in ghost activity. A ghost is simply a disembodied human spirit (my definition for this post), and human beings react differently during this time of year, it seems. Could the thought of the holidays still affect people while in the ethereal realms? Are ghosts and spirits more involved in our lives during celebrations? Can holidays hold a negative connotation for some lost spirits; while to others, it may simply make them more joyous? Just some thoughts to consider while drinking our eggnog and enjoying family and friends as 2011 comes to a close.

If you are experiencing a haunting, remain fearless and compassionate toward the person unseen who is with you. You might just find that Aunt Martha has been trying to make her presence known, and you wouldn’t want to upset Aunt Martha.

Seriously, if you need help solving a haunting in a compassionate way, may I recommend the book, Helping Ghosts?