Angels & Ghosts Special Feature!
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Animal Ghost Pictures
Animals are spirit, too. Review the following ghost photos, pictures of possible animal ghost sightings.

Animal ghost pictures are evidence of the spiritual manifestation of animals within the physical world.

Animals can appear as ghosts and be captured in pictures, though many pet owners remain unaware of their presence after the animal (usually a cat or dog) passes.
More Animal Ghost Photos
The following images we are leaving it up to you to decide. Do they show the ghosts of animals or not? Explore and ponder...
Can Animals Be Ghosts?
Animals in ghost pictures? Yes. Contrary to the false belief that animals do not have souls (that they are worth less than human kind - a teaching of some religions), we are of the opinion that animals do have spirits; and just like human beings, creatures, pets and non-pets, can be found within pictures as ghosts or spirits.

Often, after the death of an animal's physical body, it will remain around its human and animal friends for a time; and then, often, move on. Upon a pet's passing, one should look for signs of the animal being around, such as noises and sounds associated with the pet, as well as a visible presence or even imprint upon where the animal formerly slept (e.g. a depression of the pet's body forming on a bed).

After a beloved pet expires, it is a great time to take pictures. Oftentimes, abnormalities such as whisps of spirit, orbs, shadows, and even apparitions of the animal may possibly appear in photos. Ghost hunters, photographs should also be taken around animals and pets because they may be visited by the recently departed furry friend.

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Ghost Dog Photograph
Is this an animal, a Cocker Spaniel ghost
(as seen, above)?

Ghost Horse Photo
Fantastic image reveals an animal ghost!

Horse Ghost Picture
Possible leg and body of a horse in a stable.

Animal Spirits Ghost Picture
This is one of our older, but favorite examples of animal spirits. Birds on a farm.

Spirit Horse - Animal Ghost Picture
Incredible equine spirits running...

Ghost Dog Picture!
Cool ghost dog photo is a must-see for animal ghost picture lovers. But, was it photographed rough glass?

Ghost Dog Photo
Did their pet, now a ghost, appear in the background of this photo?
Ghost Pictures of Animals
Dog in Van Ghost Picture
Animal ghost picture
(as seen, above) reveals a beloved pet in the front seat!

Animal Ghosts Picture
Shawna took a picture of her animals in the driveway. However, she captured clouds of spirit with them in the lane. Incredible!
Eanes-Marshall Ranch Ghost
Strangely-shaped ghost mist
(seen above) has many thinking this might be the spirit of an animal...or creature.

Ghost Dogs?
Two photos that may contain ghost animals - dog faces.

Horse & Rider Animal Ghost Picture?
Possible animal ghost picture of what looks to be a soldier on horseback.

Westie Animal Ghost Picture?
Did their beloved dog "Muffy" appear in their photograph? Take a look and see...

Whaley House Animal Ghost Picture?
Could this mist be a canine? You decide.

Animal in Ghost Picture - Irish Setter?
Is this the ghost of a dog or simply a play of shadows on the stone?

Cat Spirit Pictures?
Inspirational animal story and images!

Animal Ghost Picture - Dog Shade
Kathy's dog stayed behind after he was put to sleep. Can you see a slight blur or shade in front of the couch?

Retriever Animal Ghost Picture?
Striking image of a dog's face on the side of this stone marker. Is it a ghost or pareidolia - patterns that look like a dog?

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