More Haunting at Hotel Del

Additional tales of haunting at "Hotel Del" (Hotel Del Coronado) on Coronado Island, California...

Hotel Del, as it is nicknamed, is not just a hotel but a vacation resort, a place on Coronado Island where you can go and relax and be treated like a king. So it is little wonder that many famous people have come here to stay over the years. Hollywood actors and actresses have graced its hallways and rooms, legends such as Clark Gable, Mickey Rooney, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Errol Flynn, Cary Grant, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra and many others.

I knew the legend of the hotel being haunted by the ghost of Kate Morgan, who some believe was murdered in the hotel; and I had heard rumors that this tourist destination is definitely haunted -- by whom, however, nobody really knows. (Heck, there could be multiple ghosts decidely dwelling within this massive, wooden relic, but I digress.) Who hasn't heard about the haunting of Kate Morgan's room?

Other Del Ghost Stories
I was sitting at the Babcock & Story bar when the barkeep told me a story about one famous visitor: President George Bush (not sure whether it was father or son). He mentioned that a former manager had recounted the tale to him after having worked at the Hotel Del Coronado during a presidential visit.

In the middle of the night, someone from President Bush's Secret Service team placed a call to the front desk requesting that they quiet down whomever was making all the racket near the dignitary's room. The person at the front desk informed the President’s staff there wasn't anyone staying anywhere near his room, beside, above or below it. A different room for Mr. Bush was promptly requested by his staff.

Room 3278
I stayed in room 3278 and did have one odd thing occur that was unexpected but not surprising. The bathroom light, notably having an Infrared sensor, turned itself on and off in the middle of the night, two times, as if someone was being detected walking in and out of the wash. After it happened a second time around 5:30 AM, I got up and shut the door so I wouldn’t be awakened, again.

The next night I thought I would take matters into my own hands and shut the bathroom door before going to bed. Again, this time at 2:30 AM, the light came on in the bathroom and woke me up -- I could see the light coming through around the door frame.

That day I wandered into the 1888 gift shop and was told by one of the employees that this store is haunted by Kate Morgan. Whoever is haunting the shop begins letting employees know what's coming days ahead by flickering the lights. Pretty cool, I must say. Then, books are typically knocked off the shelf on the front left side (to your left if you are entering the store). After hearing this account it was then that I realized that room 3278 is right above the right side of the 1888 gift shop. Could the haunting of this room and the 1888 be connected in some way? I guess only the ghosts at the Del know for sure.

In closing, should you request this room and have a haunted time of it, please write us and share your story!