Hotel Del Haunted Gift Shop

A ghost story that took place inside of the haunted gift shop at the Hotel Del Coronado.

from Kathryn Johnson

It was in January or February (of 2011) that we were there at the Hotel Del Coronado. I went into the gift shop, and no one was in there except the clerk.

I knew that the ghost stories regarding paranormal activity (happening in the gift shop) often revolved around the Marilyn Monroe paraphernalia. So, I went back to that section where there was a looping video of (the movie) Some Like it Hot (I think).

I remember asking the clerk if she had ever experienced anything (unordinary). She said, "No." At that moment, a basket of ornaments, right under the video, fell off the shelf and onto the floor. I was not, nor had been, close to them at all! In fact, no one was there or close to the ornaments (they did not break).

The clerk ran out of the gift shop, and I said "hello" to Marilyn!

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