Kate Morgan's Haunted Room

Ghost story that occurred in Kate Morgan's reportedly haunted room in the Hotel Del Coronado in California.

from Kathryn Johnson

I was just reading about your experience at the Coronado Hotel.

About three years ago, I stayed in Kate Morgan's room for two nights. Interestingly enough, when I called to make the reservation, I was told that it was reserved. Within an hour, I received a call back and was told it was available.

It was about 5:00 PM on a weekday. If you remember, the halls seem to go on forever; so one can look both ways and see way up and down the hall. I was waiting for my husband to return from a meeting, and I was getting ready for a dinner.

My back was to the entrance door (the mirrors are on the outside of the bathroom door), and I was looking in the open bathroom mirror -- so I was between the two doors that are very close to each other. All of a sudden, I heard the loudest pound on the entry door. It scared the bejeebies out of me, and I was furious. Why was he making noise like that? Really?

I opened the door. Nothing...there was nothing up or down the hallway.

I thought, "Well...if someone is trying to play a trick on me, because the door is old in that part of the hotel, and the door frame irregular, I can sit on the bed and see if there is a blacking out of the light should someone approach." So, I sat on the bed and waited. Sure enough, at the bottom of the door frame, the light blacked out, left to right; and then, the side of the frame was dark as if someone were walking by. I quickly jumped up, opened the door and nothing

Later that night, the maid came around to distribute water. When I opened the door, she backed up across the hallway and said she wouldn't come into that room.

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