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Energy Ghost Photo Examples
See examples of paranormal energy photos...
In ghost investigation, strange photos are sometimes captured that do not have a human form or orb-like shape. This type of ghost picture is often referred to as ghost "energy." Other energy photos may show orbs and their movement.

Fast moving orbs (balls of light), that seem to be emitting a higher energy, are often called "super-charged energy." Some ghost hunters call this phenomena "light anomalies" or simply "energy."
Energy Photo Examples
Full Spectrum Energy Photo
Dale snapped this ghost picture on the stairs inside the Mansfield Reformatory. He could see it moving through the viewfinder!
(seen, below right)

Ecto Energy Ghost Picture
White, whispy light appears above him in this snapshot...

Energy Ghost Light Photo?
Ball of bright light - is it a ghost light or did the camera setting cause this anomaly? Take a look and decide...

New South Wales Ghost Photos
An apparition photo and an incredible ghost energy photo
(seen above) submitted by a veteran ghost hunter from Australia.

Grandpa's Energy Ghost Photo
Photograph taken in the dark while in the home of her deceased grandpa has a light anomaly in it. Is this a ghost energy?
Energy Ghost Photos
Dark Energy Ghost Picture (seen below)
Strange, dark swirling mass of mist or energy? Ectoplasm or light anomaly?
Energy in Ghost Photos: Identifying False Energy Pictures
After examining energy photo submissions for years, in 2007, we began to feel a number of them were suspect. We began noticing a pattern that indicated a camera setting error. So, we asked our friend, Kathy Owen, to perform a series of energy ghost photo experiments. After taking a round of photos using different flash settings, Kathy found that many "energy pictures" could have been caused by improper use of camera flash settings.

Digital cameras set on any type of "night mode" or "night time" setting will lengthen the exposure and is for tripod use - only. These settings keep the camera shutter open longer, allowing more light to enter the camera, enabling it to see better in dark conditions. Unfortunately, manu unseasoned ghost hunters are waliing around with their cameras set to a night time setting and taking photographs. The slight movement of the camera in this mode will produce a haze effect (often, orange in color) and strange-looking, sometimes orb-like, light bars. These anomalies are often confused with being ghost energy. It is not.

For more on this phenomena, check out Kathy's super-charged energy experiments:
Camera-created Energy Pictures Examples of light bars
Energy False Ghost Pictures Examples of orange haze and orb-like light anomalies

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