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New Full Spectrum Camera Store

Posted by Administrator on April 19, 2011

Buy a Full Spectrum Camera

I’m pleased to announce that the Fringe Technology Ghost Hunting Store has finally been upgraded and updated!

Now, our full spectrum cameras and other ghost hunting equipment (such as ghost boxes, laser grid lights, etc) are displayed better, making it easier to research and buy a ghost hunting camera, ghost box, or whatever fringe equipment a ghost investigator might want to purchase.

Even more exciting, I’m working on bringing Infrared lighting for sale to complement our Infrared camera lines. I also hope to include a conversion kit for our ghost hunting cameras, making them shoot fantastic IR photos in daylight.

Visit the new store here: Full Spectrum Cameras for Ghost Hunting

Buying a Ghost Box? Where to Get a Ghost Box!

Posted by Administrator on October 20, 2010

Buy a Ghost Box
Our latest article tells of different ways to acquire a ghost box, including the least expensive way to just buy one without having to do the alteration yourself (I’m talking to all you who are not mechanically inclined). For the past two years, people have been asking me how they can get a Frank’s Box-type ghost box. Well, if Frank will not sell one, then how about buying an affordable Radio Shack Hack?

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