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Wow!  I never realized that what was happening to me was an OBE, until I began looking at meditation and
some websites.  I had asked people that I trusted what was happening to me and I got the following
answers:  I was being attacked by demonic forces, I was near death, or God was trying to tell me
something.  I was very confused and honestly scared to death when this happened.  

It would happen about two to three times a month when I was in my early twenties.  I fought it, as I didn't
know what was happening to me.  It would start with a buzzing noise, a numbing feeling and then go into
paralysis.  I could not move, a muscle in my body  nor speak.  I would try to yell at my husband to help
me, but he could not hear me.  It was a struggle to yell, and was like in slow motion.  I would be scared
and begin to pray and ask God to help me.

Once I saw myself come out of my body, sit up in bed and point my finger at something at the bottom of
my bed, telling it to go away in Jesus' name.  The other times, I did not see myself.   

Now I want to meditate and have this experience, but in a non frightening state. I would like to (astral)
travel, but I can't seem to make it happen now.

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