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This experience happened about four months ago, and I 'd love to share it.  It was a hot and sticky night
and my husband and I decided to sleep in the living room, near the air conditioner.  I slept on the couch
nearest the front door, and my husband slept on the other couch adjacent to me.  We fell asleep, and the
next thing I recall was waking up, because I heard someone pacing back and forth behind me -- right
behind my head.  Now I could not move, but I could see the clock on our cable box, and it read 2:40.  My
body was facing the back of the couch, but my head was cocked a little to the side -- but not far enough to
see what was behind me.  I could see my husband on the couch sleeping, and I could not figure out what
the hell was walking.  It paced back and forth three or four times, and then came to a stop; as if it were
watching me.  I wanted to know what it was, and somehow I was able to move my hand out.  My hand
came to rest on a man's hairy leg.  I freaked out!  I started trying to scream, but all I could manage was a
whimper.  I was trying to wake my husband to somehow help me, but I couldn't rouse him.  I fell into a
deep sleep and quickly woke again able to move.  I looked at the cable clock and it read 2:42.  I was really
awake and not dreaming when I experienced that.  The next morning, I told my husband, and his face went
white.  He said he had woken earlier that night, and had looked at the clock - it was 2:30.  He could not
move either; and he was terrified.  He fell into a deep sleep and had a dream that he was looking for me.  
He was walking all around the city, when he realized he couldn't walk properly.  He felt not like himself.  
And he was staggering around in search of me.  Coincidence?  I think not.  It is awesome!

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