MiMi Lu's Out Of Body Experience   
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I had a spiritual eye opener when I was in my early 20's. I was sleeping with my daughter who was a few months at the time. I had a dream, this Higher being appeared to me. I recalled her appearing in front of me, bright as the sun, she emitted pure radiance. She was so bright, however it did not burn my eyes to look upon her. When she appeared to me, I questioned who she was and doing so, I was not speaking with my lips, but telepathically. As I was standing before her and her pure radiance filled the space between us, she held out her hands to lead me or greet me. I don't know for sure, but as we both were there, I was trying to look beyond this bright light to see her face and thinking, "Portia is that you?"  Portia was my sister-in-law who was murdered a few years before (I never saw her face). However, I remember having peace, just pure peace and love. She and I were standing before each other and she had her hands out; and while I'm there I hear in my head (telepathically), "Come with me."  By this time, I felt so good, no doubt about it. With her hands out and saying, "Come with me" I was so excited and ready to go, but I just had a baby and did not want to leave my bundle of joy behind, so I said, "Let me go and get my baby."  She then said, "OK.  I want you to talk about God and bring as many as you can, and meet me back here."  It felt so good.  When I awoke, it felt like the room had just stopped spinning and the air was somewhat heavy or thick, so to speak.  I told a few people, the one's who were close to me, hoping they had some answers, but they never had anything like that happen to them. As time went on, I started to have dreams that will that will soon come to pass. I experience ringing in the ears almost everyday and I also started to see orbs. There was even a time I heard a woman call my name while I was standing up in my living room. One experience I had that really freaked me out was seeing a man that I didn't know get hit by a train. I also could smell the fresh blood in my dream. I told my friends about the dream that I had, because it was on my mind for days. Weeks had passed, and I no longer was thinking about the dream, while over my Mom's house I read an article about an Asian man falling between the cars of a moving train. He later died at the hospital. A toxicology test was going to be performed to see if there were any drugs or alcohol in his system. Everything that I saw in the dream, from the race of the man, to where he died at, and that he was intoxicated, was in this news article.  Last but not least, I remember while sleeping, I was in my co-workers apartment. I told her what I saw and how the rooms in the apartment were arranged.  She said to me, "You were in my apartment."  I know there is another realm beside the physical. My experience just confirms it. We are all connected - this is why I had that dream about someone who I didn't know in the physical, but was connected to him in the spiritual. Remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience. Also keep in mind before we are born into this physical plane, we were living on the spiritual plane. We are all one and with that I close with ONE LOVE.

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