My Out of Body Experience   
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My out of body experience happened unexpectedly.  Often, I would meditate for an hour by relaxing every
muscle in my body and “detaching” from the physical world.  When one does this, the mind clears and is
open to “hearing” direction from the spirit that dwells within.  My goal in meditation was to reach a state of
mind where I wasn't aware of my body or the physical world.

One night, I decided to meditate while in bed.  Having become completely relaxed as I had done many
times,  I felt the peaceful presence of spirit as I remained open to hearing truth and wisdom from within my
inner most being.  Unexpectedly, I began floating upward and out of my body.  My perception of my body
at this point was that it was "paralyzed;" unable to move.  Fear rushed into my head, as I thought perhaps I
had died.  I didn’t want to die, for there is much I want to accomplish before I leave this earthly plane.  

I could see my room clearly as this took place.  Like a pair of eyeballs, I floated up and out of my body.  I
was unable to speak though, as I didn’t have a mouth (or so I perceived), because my mouth and vocal
chords were left with my physical body on the bed.  As I previously stated, I could see, but struggled to get
back into my body.  As I fought to do so, I slowly came back in and was eventually able to speak.  I
struggled with forming words, until I was completely in control of my physical body, again.   

The entire time I was out of my body, I was trying to get my wife’s attention by trying to yell, so she would
wake up and try to “wake me up,” also.  In my fear, I felt that if she could wake my body somehow, it would
make me come back into it.  Or maybe, she would find that my body was dead, and call an ambulance in
the hopes of the paramedics reviving me.

This was my first and only experience with an out of body experience, but it showed me for certain that we
are not only a physical body, but spirit, as well.  The bible and many people speak about a “silver cord.”  It
is believed this “cord” connects a spirit to its body and sometimes can be seen during an out of body
experience by those who can see into the spiritual realm.  This cord, if severed, will remove the life-force
from the body, and it will die.  Many near death experience’s have described death as a tall black figure,
with giant scissor-like cutters – perhaps to sever the cord for those whose time to cross over to the other
side has come.

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