Why Help Ghosts?
Why Help Ghosts?
A revolutionary new book
that sheds light toward
understanding the mind of
lost spirits!

Through years of study and
field experiments, author
(and publisher of the
Angels & Ghosts)
Louis Charles reveals his
insights and techniques to
help hurting, disembodied
people cross to the light.

Whether you're a ghost
investigator or someone in
need of assistance with a
Helping Ghosts
will teach you how to
communicate and work
with troubled ghosts!  

You can learn to solve
mysterious ghost problems!
"You have encountered a ghost.  Now what?
Should you help the ghost, and if so, how?"
Helping Ghosts Audio
Helping Ghosts Books!
Learn how to help ghosts move beyond the physical world and find peace!
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Why Help Ghosts?
Why Help Ghosts?
With the recent rise of ghost-themed television shows, interest in specters
and haunting have become a cultural phenomenon. Ghost investigators who
encounter suffering spirits are often content with leaving them alone, not
knowing what to do. We need to remember that ghosts are a forgotten part
of mankind that we should try to help. If we are experiencing a haunting, we
can attempt to resolve the ghost's problem. If we help the ghost, we solve
the haunting.

Helping Ghosts is both an adventure story and instruction book, as it explores
communication with ghosts and how we can help them. For thousands of
years, people have sought to understand ghostly behavior.
Helping Ghosts is a
compassionate, enlightening work that was written to bring the human aspect
of spirits to light. The book details years of study, field experiments, and
ghost investigation cases, revealing insights and techniques to help suffering,
disembodied people move on in their life-journey.

Imagine that you encountered a person who was physically injured. If you
could help, wouldn't you make an attempt to do so? Many people have not
considered this as an option when facing a haunting. Ghosts have been largely
misunderstood, often portrayed as an enigma we should sometimes fear. I
Helping Ghosts in order to challenge commonly-held beliefs about
spirits and haunting. Readers will gain understanding about people in spirit,
while possibly learning more about themselves in the process.