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Genie Bottles, Eclipses, Ghosts & Spirits!

Posted by Administrator on March 22, 2012

Spring is Early – Time for New Stuff

Louis Charles

March 2012

It’s a great month, and we have some interesting stories, videos and photos to share with you. Before that, allow me to give you a couple of quick updates.

Facebook – We have updated the Angels & Ghosts Facebook page to the new Timeline look with daily postings of news about ghosts and spirits. If you haven’t Liked the page, you can do so, here: Angels & Ghosts Facebook

Twitter – Get daily updates on ghosts, spirits and thoughts on Twitter. Follow me, here: Angels & Ghosts Twitter

Full Spectrum Camcorders – We have been developing new ghost investigation camcorders: a full spectrum camcorder and full spectrum helmet cam! These devices can see what we see and more! Check them out at the Full Spectrum Camcorder

Eclipses Alert – We wanted to give you advance warning of a crazy, upcoming phenomenon involving eclipses and maybe a spiritual significance: 2014-2015 Eclipses Align with Jewish Holy Days

Tuesday, March 27th at 8:00 PM EST, I will be talking ghosts on the radio program, Spirits Among Us, on ParaMania Radio. Join us for our spirited discussion!

Genie Bottles…Ghosts?

Did Genie Bottles Hold Ghosts?

The idea of genies and some of their lore could be associated with ghosts and their behavior. Are ghosts and genies related? This article is a continuance of our previous article, Ghosts in a Bottle.

This month, we briefly explore the origin of the word genie and beliefs in jinni – spirits. Read: Jinni, Genies, Bottles & Lamps

New Ghost Photos…

Ghost Man on Pier?

Some great ghost pictures were added this month, from a ghost on a pier, to a shadow ghost photographed inside the infamous Pirate House Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia!

Check out our ever growing collection of Ghost Pictures.

Spirit Photo?

Is that a man’s face?

Recently, we received what may be the photo of a family member in spirit, taken as a funeral was coming to conclusion.

Examine this photograph closely, and you just may see the image of a man’s face. Is it a spirit or just an incredible combination of sunlight and background?

Take a look and decide for yourself: Family Angel Picture

More Ghost Videos

Compilation of GH’ Reveals

This month’s collection of 11 ghost videos focuses on some of the better ghost evidence captured by SyFy’s Ghost Hunters as well as some interesting anomalies and stories. Don’t miss the following ghost videos:

Conference Room Ghost

College Ghost Story

For a good chuckle, watch Funny Ghost Hunters Clips!

More Angels, Ghosts and Spirits to Enjoy!

We are always adding more pages about ghosts and spirits!

Feel free to search through thousands of pages of information about ghosts and spirits! Below are links to some major sections of the Angels & Ghosts website:

More Ghost Videos

2012 Ghost Pictures Collection

2012 Angel Pictures Collection

New Products Added to the Ghost Store!

Fringe Technology Store: Need a Ghost Box?

Be sure and visit over the next month or so, as we are experimenting and creating new fringe technology items.

Check out our very popular rechargeable ghost hunting camera with expanded eyesight (and it can see in the dark)!

Full Spectrum Camera

Get the book on Amazon!

Best wishes,

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author

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