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The Ghost Box on TV, Ghost Photos & a Gnome?

Posted by Administrator on June 22, 2012

Ghost Pics & the Ghost Box on Television

Louis Charles

June 2012

Summer is here! We’ve been busy with some timely maintenance on the Angels & Ghosts website, so you might say it’s been a bit different month for us. Stay tuned…our plan is to continue to share compelling photos, interesting stories and experimental technology – all centered around ghosts and spirits.

Have a great month and enjoy the following article and spirited photographs…

The Ghost Box is Being Used More & More on TV

Read on…

Last month, I offered you a free audio download of ghost and spirit voices I had recorded. I captured them through use of a ghost box. In the paranormal community as a whole, the ghost box has been gaining acceptance by those who have kept an open mind. Don’t get me wrong; there are those who refuse to even consider that it could possibly work. Unfortunately, most of those who oppose ghost box use have been on paranormal TV shows. But recently, we’ve noticed the ghost box being used more and more during ghost investigations on television. Read: TV Shows & The Ghost Box

Ghost Pictures & a Gnome Captured?

Ghost in Savannah?

Wow – is that a man in the bushes, behind the bushes or a ghost that manifested in one of the creepiest cemeteries in the United States?

This summer, we take a look at a possible ghost picture snapped last summer. This coming fall, we’ll be going to the exact spot to see what we can “figure” out.

But for now, check-out the Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost Picture

Remodeling Mist?

Many ghost investigators know that construction and remodeling can stir up ghost activity. Perhaps, people can be creatures of comfort and prefer things to remain just as they are. Well, construction and remodeling just might mess up their world. Could this be what is happening in this Construction Mist Picture?

Is that a girl on the landing?

Recently, Hatley Castle in British Columbia popped into the Canadian news. Reportedly haunted for years, a ghost picture has now been captured of what many believe to be a girl or woman, standing on the stairs landing. At least some believe it is a ghost in the photograph. Do you?

Examine the Hatley Castle Ghost Picture

Gnome-looking man…

We know. We know. What is a Gnome Picture doing with our ghost pictures? Quite frankly, we were too enamored by it to not include it in this month’s ghost and spirit photos. After all, we don’t really know what it is. Do you? Is it a ghost, spirit or just a trick of the eye?

Take a close look at the Gnome Picture

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