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Haunted House Game
Released in 1962 by toy company, Ideal, the Haunted House was a super cool board game that was both spooky and fun! The playing board was actually a three-dimensional haunted house with plenty of mystery and hidden monsters to help impede players' progress toward finding a red jewel in order to win the game.
Because of the Haunted House game's popularity, collectors snatch them up on eBay like hotcakes. Often, they bring hundreds of dollars. You might imagine that many a kid in the sixties probably had a great time playing this game; and today, those same children are now adults with money to spend. Want to relive your youth? Keep an eye on eBay, but be prepared to pay a handsome price for the Haunted House game!

Below are photos of the Haunted House game: the game board, box and actual eBay listing. As you can see, the board game in this condition was easily bringing over $200 in the online auction.
For many of us, it was games like this, or perhaps, Halloween, movies, television or other things that stirred our young imaginations, causing us to want to explore the paranormal - the unknown. Adventure is in the heart of mankind, and the idea of solving mysteries is exciting. This is why the Ideal Haunted House game was a hit then, and still is, today. After all, who doesn't want to investigate the parts of our world that still hold mystery and intrigue? As you reflect, are you able to recall some things from your youth that led you to where you are, today?

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Haunted House game!

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