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Ball Lightning Ghosts
Ghosts & Ball Lightning: Are They Related?
There are different types of ghostly luminaries, namely orbs and
ghost lights, that we've
explored in the past; but we've not yet looked at a phenomenon known as “ball lightning.”
Knowing that scientific experiments have proven that luminous balls of plasma are
definitely something that exist within nature, there are still debates as to whether or not such
lights are paranormal or simply a normal occurrence. It is no different for ball lightning.

Ball lightning is witnessed less frequently than other types of ghost lights, and is not yet
understood though laboratory experiments have been able to reproduce similar-looking
lightning balls. Reports of these mysteries light anomalies have been reported for hundreds
of years or more. Ball lightning is typically, but not always, attributed to thunderstorms and
can remain visible for seconds. The size of these balls of lightning can vary: They have
been reported as small as a pea, sometimes, and other times larger than 6 feet in
diameter! Ball lighting can hiss, spin around, and bounce off objects.
Ball Lightning Sightings & Dangers
What makes ball lightning different from
your typical ghost light sighting are the
reports of people being injured, burned,
or even killed, sometimes, when
encountering them. Buildings have been
purportedly destroyed by these balls of
lighting if they explode. Those who have
witnessed these explosions have told of
a sharp “report” combined with a mild to
powerful electrical shock to their body.
Ball lightning may move any direction,
up or down, sideways, around objects
or straight through them. This has caused some to believe they may have some sort of
intelligence, at times. They may also disappear as quickly as they appeared, gradually
dissipating like a ghost, popping or exploding violently.
Ball Lightning - Ghost Lightning?
The question remains if ball lightning is
something associated with our environment or
attributed to the paranormal, ghosts and

Over the years, we have received three ghost
pictures that have what we have dubbed
“ghost lightning” in them. Are these anomalies,
ghosts? Are they ball lightning? You decide...

Ghost Lightning Photographs:
Ball Lightning - Ghost Lightning Ghostly Pic Old Ghost Photo - Ghost Ball Lightning Ball Lightning? Ghost Lightning
Lightning-like bolts appear in
this ghost photo taken at a
haunted hotel in Germany.
An old picture taken of a great,
great grandfather shows a
lightning anomaly.
An indoor Christmas tree has
blue lightning streaks coming
down from the ceiling behind it.
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