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Even more web cam
websites with cool web cams
to view!  We thought it would
be nice to include some cool
webcams that are not
ghostly per se, but down
right interesting, magical or
just plain a cool idea!  Enjoy!

Select a web will
open up in a new browser
window.  See if you can
capture something mythical
or just plain funny!
Some cool Web Cams to check out. . .
Cool Bourbon Street
Watch New Orleans get
crazy during Mardi Gras!  
Very cool!

Leprechaun Webcam
This cool webcam allows
one to search for the little
green guy!

Cool UFO Web Cam
Northeast Wales has had
many UFO sightings.  
Find a UFO on this cam!
Cool Ghost Cam
This webcam is just for
fun.  Do you see a ghost?

Lochness Monster
Cool webcams set up on
Loch Ness so you can
find Nessie.

Healing Sanctuary Cam
World Healing Crusade
has a cool web cam in its
spiritual active building.  
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