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Famous Ghosts
Learn About a Few Famous Ghosts...

When diving into the world of ghosts, it should be noted that some ghosts are famous. That's not saying that the specters, themselves, are famous but that ghosts of famous people have been sighted in different cultures.

The following tidbits are from purported sightings of some famous ghosts from around the United States, and especially, Hollywood. Many of these famous people had experienced tragedy, somewhere, within their lives. Could their tragedies have caused them to remain behind, still seeking answers? Read on and decide...
Orson Welles
The ghost of this famous actor, producer, writer, and director has been reportedly seen in his favorite restaurant in Los Angeles, Sweet Lady Jane's.

It is said that Orson's caped figure can sometimes be seen sitting at his customary table, with the smell of brandy and cigars being present in the air.

Montgomery Clift
Many believe that this famous Hollywood actor still haunts Room 928 of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. He once stayed in this room for three months. Reports of cold spots, strange noises, and the presence of a hand have been seen or heard.
Marilyn Monroe
The ghost of this famous Hollywood starlet has also been sighted at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, as well as her former Brentwood home and near her tomb at Westwood Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. Could the mystery surrounding her tragic death contributed to the sightings?

Jean Harlow
Actress Jean Harlow and her second husband have been sighted at the mansion they once occupied. She was married to Hollywood producer, Paul Bern. Bern killed himself in the home. The home was later purchased by Jay Sebring who bought it due to its dark history. While staying there, actress Sharon Tate claimed to have seen Paul Bern's ghost sitting on her bed. Sharon and Jay would later be murdered at her house by Charles Mansion 4 years later.
Flamboyant keyboardist and entertainer, Liberace, died from complications due to Aids. His act was once very popular in Vegas. Liberace's ghost is said to still haunt a restaurant he designed, Carluccio's Tivoli Gardens Restaurant in Las Vegas.

Elvis Presley
The King of Rock n' Roll still haunts his former mansion, Graceland, as well as the Heartbreak Hotel across the street from it in Memphis, Tennessee. Sightings of the late singer have also been seen by stagehands at the Las Vegas Hilton and in an old RCA recording studio in Nashville.

Rudolph Valentino
Valentino died young while a successful, romantic actor. His ghost is said to appear in numerous locations such as his former mansion, Falson's Lair, the Santa Maria Inn, his former beach home in Ventura County and Paramount Studios' studio 5. It is also said Valentino's Great Dane haunts the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery and that a dark, ghostly lady, known as the "Lady in Black," puts flowers on Valentino's grave.

Al Capone
The former crime boss of Chicago was eventually captured and imprisoned in Alcatraz prison. Dying there, it is said his presence still haunts the place with banjo music emanating from his former cell. His ghost is also claimed to appear in Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois.

Carole Lombard & Clark Gable
Famous actress Carole Lombard died in a plane crash while the wife of actor Clark Gable. He died almost two decades later, but it is said their ghosts can still be seen where they spent their honeymoon, The Oatman Hotel in Arizona.

Lon Chaney
Horror film actor Lon Chaney is famous for his roles in scary movies, such as The Phantom of the Opera. And, it would appear he may still be frightening audiences on the streets of southern California. Reportedly, his ghost was seen for years at a bench near Hollywood and Vine streets, where he used to frequent. His ghost has also been reported at Universal Studios sound stage 28, dressed as the Phantom of the Opera and pulling various tricks.

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