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December 2010 Angels & Ghosts Newsletter – The Latest!

Posted by Administrator on December 21, 2010

December 2010 Angels & Ghosts News & Updates!

It’s a Wrap! A Recap of the Past Year…and What’s Coming.

As 2010 comes to close, I want to thank everyone for their support of my work. Some very cool milestones happened this year, and I look forward to see where it goes from here!

Helping Ghosts

As you know, teaching others that people are interacting with us in spirit has been my primary focus. Helping others to realize that ghosts are people is an important part of that mission. In 2010, I met a lot of new people in my travels while promoting my new book, Helping Ghosts and remain encouraged that some ghost investigators are learning how to help lost spirits — ghosts. I trust I was able to spread the word by giving over 25 radio interviews and two television interviews over the past eight months!

This year, I plan on releasing a CD of ghost voices that I recorded. Some of these EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) were referenced in the book, Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits. I think some will be shocked to hear just how clear these pleas for help from the other side of the grave sound.

Full Spectrum Cameras

2010 also saw the rise in ghost hunting cameras that can see the human range of vision and beyond. Affordable prices have allowed these cameras to appear in the tool box of many ghost investigators. Not only are these cameras a better way to investigate (because the reduce false anomalies), but they have been achieving results. We are proud to let you know that two ghost pictures taken with our full spectrum cameras have appeared on the popular website of Coast to Coast radio. Customer testimonies and feedback have been only positive! Visit the Fringe Store to learn more about our ghost hunting cameras!

Recently, we began experimenting with full spectrum lighting. More testing will ensue for 2010. It is our hope to determine what wavelengths work best for capturing ghosts in photo and video.

New Report Coming – Moundsville Shadow Man

It has come to my attention that many ghost investigators believe the famous Moundsville Shadow Man photograph is not credible evidence because they saw it “debunked” by SyFy’s Ghost Hunters several years ago. Look for my report to come out about this in the next few weeks. I personally visited Polly Gear, who captured the ghost with camera, and prove that it is not a fake or a false anomaly produced through IR shadow reflection. The reason this is important to me is that I reference it in Helping Ghosts. People need to see the truth behind this photograph!


Ghost Conferences 2011!

We just updated our page of ghost conferences for 2011, so now is the time to begin planning which conventions and conferences you wish to attend in the near future!

Visit: Ghost Conferences


Hungry Ghosts! What are Hungry Ghosts?

Can ghosts be hungry?

You hear ghost enthusiasts discussing hungry ghosts, but what are they? What does that mean to be hungry?

Our article explores the old concept of ghost desires…

Hungry Ghosts.


Angel Quotes: Quotes About Angels From History…

To me, angels are messengers in spirit, enlightened beings who observe, sometimes interact, communicate, protect and even help guide us. After years of biblical, historical, spiritual and field study, I have noticed a similarity between human spirits who interact with us and come from a higher place of understanding. Call them spirits, not ghosts. The quotes on this page reflect some interesting insight into this. Could angels really be human messengers? Angels: Quotes


Links to Angels, Ghosts & Spirits!

We are still adding more Spanish pages to our site this month.

Next month, we plan on updating more of our secondary pages…stay tuned!

The following are new pages of photographs for December ‘10:

Imagenes Fantasma (New Ghost Pictures!)

Imagenes Angeles (New angel and spirit pictures we have collected.)

The following are new stories for December ‘10:

Grandma Ghost Visitation Story

The following page has new ghost videos for December ‘10:

Videos de Fantasmas (Primarily ghost video compilations people have collected.)

For more spirited pages to explore, visit:

Ghost Stories

Angel Stories

Ghost Videos

Ghost Pictures

Angel Pictures


Inexpensive Full Spectrum Cameras See in the Dark!

Fringe Tech Ghost Hunting Store

You will find some unique ghost investigation items here, such as ghost boxes, IR flashlights, Laser Grid lights, and Full Spectrum cameras.

Our IR-converted cameras are a hit! Why? They are low-cost and people are getting results. We have received numerous photos from users who have captured shadows, weird energy anomalies, and light balls and bars without the aid of a flash unit! The cameras can also see what the human can see, plus beyond our range of vision!

To learn more, check out these pages:

Ghost Hunting Cameras

Full Spectrum Camera

Full Spectrum Camera Ghost Pictures


Understand Ghost Behavior…

Learn about the other side…

Pick up a copy of Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits and understand why ghosts do the things they do.

Ghosts have mystified the human experience for thousands of years. This does not mean, however, that we cannot come to an understanding about the behavior of human spirits.

Buy a copy from Amazon!

Buy a Signed copy!

Read a review from someone who is not a ghost investigator

Read the Amazon reviews!

Happy Holidays and Have a Great New Year!

Louis Charles, Publisher

Angels & Ghosts

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