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April 2011 Angels & Ghosts Newsletter!

Posted by Administrator on April 23, 2011

April 2011 Angels & Ghosts News & Updates!


Author, Louis Charles

from Louis Charles

April Has Come and So Has a New Store!

I’m excited to let you know that we have now had time to invest in the Fringe Technology Store. For starters, we have reskinned it – gave it a nice, uniform look, preparing it for expansion. We are also building our inventory of full spectrum cameras for ghost hunting, as well as offering ghost box communication devices for talking with ghosts and spirits.

New Products?

Currently, we are testing various Infrared light sources to accompany our ghost investigation cameras. We feel there is a need for this, and if we can recommend different types of light sources that work well with our equipment, we might as well carry them in the store to make it easy for purchasers. More on this next month.

Articles for Understanding Full Spectrum Cameras

This month we have also updated our articles concerning the full spectrum camera and how it works. Below is a listing of some of the updated pieces:

Full Spectrum Camera – Understanding the frequencies & why.

Ghost Hunting Cameras – More clarification.

Full Spectrum Camera Ghost Pictures – Holy smokes these are interesting…

Full Spectrum Camera Testimonials


Ghosts & Peripheral Vision


Inside the human eye: Cones & Rods

Seeing Ghosts From the Corners of Our Eyes

Oftentimes, we hear people exclaim that they saw something move out of the corner of their eyes. This seeing of the periphery is our peripheral vision. In ghost investigation, peripheral vision is sometimes given a bad rap due to its inability to focus on objects like our central vision. However, when seeing ghosts at night, which is better to use: the central or peripheral vision?

Read more and be surprised: Ghosts & Peripheral Vision.


The Civil War Remembered: Gettysburg


The dead around Devil’s Den

Just in time for the sesquicentennial (150 year) remembrance of the Civil War, being commemorated over the next four years, we have listed a few hot spots at Gettysburg known for paranormal activity. Why not take some time and explore the small town and battlefields and see what you discover?

Explore: Gettysburg Haunted Places


Links to Angels, Ghosts & Spirits!


We are always adding more pages about ghosts and spirits!

The following are new pages of photos for April ‘11:

Creepy Ghost Pictures (New Ghost Pictures!)

Saints & Mary Apparitions Pictures (We explore the phenomenon of religious figures being seen in spirit.)

The following are new stories for April ‘11:

My Ghost Stories

Snow Angel Story

Page of new ghost videos for April ‘11:

Ghost Vids

For more spirited pages to explore, visit:

Ghost Stories

Angel Stories

Ghost Videos

Ghost Pictures

Angel Pictures

Espanol Angeles y Fantasmas!


Learn to Help Ghosts & Solve Cases of Haunting!


Learn about the other side…

Pick up a copy of Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits and understand why ghosts do the things they do.

Ghosts have mystified the human experience for thousands of years. This does not mean, however, that we cannot come to an understanding about the behavior of human spirits.

Buy a copy from Amazon!

Buy a Signed copy!

Read a review from someone who is not a ghost investigator

Read the Amazon reviews!


Fringe Tech Ghost Hunting Store


One of many different full spectrum cameras in every price range!

Fringe Tech Ghost Hunting Store

You can find some unique ghost investigation items here. We are getting ready to add more inventory in the next week, so stop by!

Our IR-converted cameras are a hit! Why? They are low-cost and people are getting results. Two ghost photos from our customers recently appeared on Coast to Coast Am Radio’s website!

More cameras coming!!!


Facebook Give-a-Way!


“Like” our Facebook page and gain access to a free audio download of Helping Ghosts’ Chapter 3!

(The chapter is about my experiments of communicating with spirits and ghosts. Included in the audio are some of the actual messages referenced in the book! You’ll be amazed at how clear the ghost and spirit voices are.)

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The Angels & Ghosts Facebook page is just another way to catch links to articles, photos, stories, evp and more that we post daily. There are over 4500 pages to our website, so our Facebook page is a great way to peruse our fodder!

Have a great month!

Louis Charles, Publisher

Angels & Ghosts