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from Bev Milward

Some years ago, I was expecting my daughter after a long time of trying for a baby.  
I had the usual four month blood tests to rule out any genetic problems, and was told
that there was a 1 in 6 chance that our baby had down syndrome -- for me things
weren't looking great, and I was deeply upset and in shock.  It was during the period
of waiting for the results, that my experience happened.  

I was in bed and woke up; but with my eyes still closed (if that makes any sense),
and became aware of a light filling the room -- I suppose like a sunny summer's
morning.  I didn't open my eyes at all, so I saw nothing...and I didn't hear anything;
but what I can most definitely say is that I FELT warmth and love (even now I feel
very emotional thinking of it), and an overwhelming feeling of 'everything is going to
be alright'.  I was left with a feeling of reassurance and went back to sleep.  I don't
know if it was my mum (she had died of cancer in 2000) or an angel, but the
message was full of love.  The strange thing is that I just accepted it and didn't say
anything until I saw my Dad, who started to tell me of his 'strange experience the
other night' which was identical to mine!!  My daughter is healthy and well, I am
happy to say, and I believe I was given a message from God and I feel very
privileged to have had this experience.

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