Old Halloween Ghost Costumes!

See photos of some old, vintage Halloween costumes of ghosts that are creepy, spooky cool!

Some of the scariest or freakiest looks for Halloween, to us, seem to be homemade masks and clothing captured in antique pictures from the late 1800s to the 1940s on All Hallows Eve. Even children who dressed for the occasion were quite spooky, and adults seemed to like to participate in the October festivities, as well!

If you are going to make your own costume, this year, perhaps its time to look to the past and bring some of their frightening Halloween costume ideas to the present!

What we learned...

  • Visit your local Goodwill or a clothing resale shop to find inexpensive, older clothes that you can repurpose in to some ghostly attire.
  • Don't be afraid to paint your face. Some of the face paint we've seen in old Halloween photographs seems more scarier than a molded, rubber mask.
  • Speaking of masks, why not get out the flour, water, and strips of newspaper to make a paper-mache spook? You can make a twisted face or scowling ghoul to accentuate your ghost costume!
  • Bed sheets with eyes cut in them work well, of course. But, how about using some whispery cheesecloth or lightweight, thin fabric to make that ghost costume really 'float' at night?
  • Cutting tatters and tears in some burlap wraps can make a ghostly 'hooded wraith' costume look all too real. Add blueish charcoal gray paint to the fabric to make it seem realistic.