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Posted by Administrator on March 22, 2010

Louis Charles founded the website, Angels & Ghosts, in 2004 after having spiritual and paranormal experiences. Louis began researching evidence of ghosts, angels, and spirits by first soliciting photographs, videos, audio recordings and stories from others around the world. Eventually, this led Louis to develop theories concerning spirit communication and what happens to people after the body expires. Putting his theories to practice, Louis has worked with paranormal investigation groups to test his ideas during live investigations.  After years of research, Louis Charles remains convinced that ghosts and spirits interact with the living, and that we can help ghosts resolve issues in order to move forward in the life journey.

His new book, Helping Ghosts, will publish in the Spring of 2010. His remarkable stories and insights about the mental condition of ghosts, as well as how we can help them, will make this book unique. It follows on the heels of his 2009 self-published title, Jesus Religion, which was written to help free those who struggle with religious fears of demons, hell, and eternal punishment.

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