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Angels Watching Us – Why? Ghost Pictures to Explore…

Posted by Administrator on April 21, 2012

Ghost Pictures & Angels Watching?

Louis Charles

April 2012

For April’s newsletter, we are featuring an article about why spirits watch us, a story about a Japanese ghost ship, and some newly found ghost pictures that just might give us incredible glimpses into the spirit world.

Each piece of potential evidence, even our thoughts and memorable experiences can give us a better understanding of what lies beyond the norm.

First, the Ghost Pictures…

Look closely behind Anna…

She has seen the ghost who haunts her most of her life, and he makes unannounced appearances in her photographs. Anna sent us two ghost photos this month that have the same shadow entity in the background. Examine the photo carefully, and you will see that this is not a normal shadow behind her.

Check-out Anna’s Creepy Ghost Photos

Moving lights in Limerick?

Limerick, Ireland has an old milk market that is watched closely at night by a host of security cameras. Recently, after video recorded at night was reviewed, it was discovered that this site is very much alive – haunted.

Read the story about the Limerick Ghost Picture

Strange anomaly near grandmother…

Before her grandmother passed, Brandy was staying with her and personally took some pictures of her with a film camera. This was 6 years ago. Later, she noticed some weird things with the photos. Are they ghosts? At the time, there was something strange about the place…

Is this picture possibly Grandmother’s Ghost?

Is this figure proof of the haunting?

Dave from the United Kingdom shared his story of haunting with Angels & Ghosts, and he included a compelling ghost picture that really impressed us. This ghost figure is not some sort of light reflection. The camera was tilted and the ghostly image is turned, too, as if standing in place. Striking!

Faceless Figure Ghost Photograph

Maybe too “blankety” blank?

To be honest, the dark mass in this ghost picture could be a hoax. We just don’t know. But in the spirit of keeping an open mind, we thought you might like to see it and come to your own conclusion. It does have that “spook factor!”

Dark Mass Ghost Picture

Capture Your Own Ghosts!

Ghost hunting cameras see what you can and cannot!

This month, we released a new line of ghost hunting cameras that can see in the dark with Infrared lighting:

  • Affordable – $99
  • 12.1 mp full spectrum
  • Rechargeable lithium battery

Ghost Hunting Cameras

Why Do Angels Watch Us?

Are people in spirit watching us?

This month we look at biblical passages about angels observing humanity and connect the dots to attempt understand why there are unseen people in spirit around us. Explore ideas about why spirits observe mankind and what’s in it for them, and maybe, you.

Read Why Do Angels Watch Us?

Japanese Tsunami Ghost Ship

Ship sets sail on its own.

This story happened early 2012, and with the recent Titanic fanfare, we thought a short story about the Japanese Tsunami ghost ship might be interesting. After all, it’s not everyday that a big boat decides to sail the ocean unmanned.

Japan Tsunami Ghost Ship

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Best journeys,

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author

Angels & Ghosts

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