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Real Ghost Photographs, Ideal’s Haunted House Game…

Posted by Administrator on November 19, 2012


November 2012

As I write this letter, we are speeding into the holiday season.

For some fun, this month, we have included an article about an old, “ghostly” toy as well as a very cool video of Stan Lee from the Savannah Film Festival for you comic book fans. And of course, we have some great ghost photographs for your review. – Louis Charles

Ideal’s Haunted House Game


The game, “Haunted House”

We thought for the holidays that it might be fun to look at at toy, or in this case a game, that sparked our imaginations and kindled our desire to explore the paranormal as children. In 1962, toy maker, Ideal, came out with the best haunted house game ever.

Take a look at the Haunted House Game.

Real Ghost Photographs…


A female ghost sits behind her…

This month, we explore 5 ghost photographs that have filled up many an e-mail inbox. These specters have awed millions of people via the Internet. Are they all real? Take a closer look and consider their stories.

Check out our Real Ghost Photographs

New Ghost Pictures Section!


Famous & Real Ghost Photos

Last month, we announced that the old Angels & Ghosts homepage was a thing of the past. Now, we also have a new look for our ghost pictures section of our website.

Check out Real Ghost Pictures.

The Amazing Stan Lee (Special Feature)


Stan Lee in Savannah, GA…

In October, we visited Savannah, Georgia, did some ghost hunting, and caught a live interview with legendary comic book character, Stan Lee. Listen to the creator of some of the most beloved superheros, such as Spider Man, the Hulk, X-Men, Captain America and many more.

YouTube interview: The Amazing Stan Lee.


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Best Journeys,

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author

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