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When we see Jesus' life, we should try and see our own.  From my perspective, he was
surrounded by religious beliefs from the start, but overcame them and the outward searching
by seeking the relationship within, through the holy spirit of the heavenly Father.  He was full of
wisdom, while walking in the power of the spirit of truth, love and healing. We also can follow
the spirit of truth from within our own being and be full of love, wisdom, and healing, while not
following others' religious beliefs.  

Before Jesus' crucifixion, he took upon himself the "sin of the world."  I believe "the sin of the
world" to be the way the world perceives things incorrectly.  Sin is incorrect thinking.  Jesus
chose to take upon himself incorrect thinking, which caused him to see himself separate from
God.  (God, why have you forsaken me?- Mark 15:34) Then, we are told he found himself in
hell, but ascended out of hell.  (His soul was not left in Hades. - Acts 2:31) Incorrect thinking
brings beliefs which can cast one into a self-created hell or prison of the mind.  Jesus
demonstrated this, and showed hell to not be eternal, but only temporary. We also can escape
hell by not thinking as the world thinks.  Hell is something that can be undone.

Then, Jesus showed us that death is not real, as he appeared again alive - resurrected.  The
passing of the physical body does not change who you are.  The spirit and soul live on and
death is only an illusion. We also cannot be changed by death as our spirit and soul remain
alive. You are spirit and soul, not a body.

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